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Equipment Inspections & Maintenance

Providing clients with a cost-effective 2nd party maintenance solution which provides highly experienced team members to assist with your equipment inspections and maintenance tasks. 

  • 5 Yearly Drilling Equipment and Well Control Inspections and Overhaul/ Repairs onboard

  • Troubleshooting

  • API Derrick and Bolt Inspections

  • API Crane Inspections

  • Lift Gear Inspections

  • NDT Inspections & Advanced NDT Methods

  • EX Inspections

The maintenance team members have a strong technical background and have worked in operations.

If our 2nd party maintenance solution isn’t right for you and adhoc manpower is, we can assist with that too.


Project Management Services

Providing a comprehensive suite tailored to your project which ensures the successful delivery of your project within scope, time and budget while ensuring quality.

  • Project Management

  • Technical Oversight during Shipyards and Re-activations

  • Generation of technical scope of work for the project

  • Commissioning


IRATA Accredited Technicians

IRATA Accredited Rope Access provider for your at height inspections and maintenance.


Drone Inspections

Whether you need to monitor pipeline right of way's, inspect well sites or inspect equipment, our drone inspection services provides you with a flexible and cost effective way to inspect your assets.


Third Party Rig & Equipment Audits

Wide Range of Independent Third Party (I3P) Rig and Equipment Audit Services

  • Pre Rig Selection Survey

  • Rig & Equipment Condition and Compliance Surveys

  • Operational Critical Rig Survey

  • Pre-Purchase Equipment Inspections

  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) Witness

  • Fair Market Evaluations

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